Count Subarrays - October Challenge Weak Test Cases

Hey, This is regarding Count Subarrays problem. I submitted two solutions , both of them got 100 points
but they produce different output.




1 1 1 1 1

My first solution output : 15

My second solution output : 5

I think test cases are weak, please update the test cases.

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Strange if that happens in these kind of reputed contests…Thanks for pointing it out… @admin please look into it

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I think correct output is 15 and not 5!

I have checked both of your submissions and both are exactly same, so I don’t know what you’re talking about!

got only 50 point test case 11 sub task 3 wrong can you please explain

No they are not! Check Again at line 18.

whats wrong with task#11 ?

Can you please inform problem author only through problem page instead of showing a test case from running contest. There are many people here who want to learn from these contests and such posts may be bad for their spirit. Only problem authors can help here, so informing them is the only senseful thing one can do.

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I’ve rechecked. Again, either there is something my eyes can’t see or you are playing with me!


Okay, fine, let me check. Please don’t produce code here :slight_smile:

okkkk…@darkshadow sir can you please tell correct answer for this test case

I think You Have To take LONG LONG INT and Declare Whole Array Of N Elements Outside Main…

May Be This Helps :smiley:

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No spoilers for ongoing contest please!


Test cases are weak for this problem.

It will be more helpful, if you guys provide the test case for which program failed, so that we can rectify it easily.
I mean when we submit the code in hackerrank, we get the testcases for which the problem failed


Thanks for notifying. Situation has been corrected. We have put all the solutions on rejudge. Please avoid from posting cases and their answers during the contest in public. You can always send a comment in the problem page or a mail.


Please try to avoid such situations. It is really frustrating to see your AC solution turn into WA. If someone doesn’t open codechef site everyday will be facing maximum problem. So if you have bad test case, please add better cases in practice session. Don’t change it on a running contest

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Have the solutions been rejudged?