Cops and the Thief Devu

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why my answer yields WA… I have checked all boundary and possible cases too…Please help.

Your code gives output 0 for this case


1 2 3


It should be


Don’t make it complex by using so many conditions and it can be simply solved in nearly O(n) time.

Simple Approach:

maxDis = x*y;
vis[101] -> Array to keep track of visited positions.
Just run a loop over Array A and run two loops inside:
current_pos = a[i] (Say, i as your iterator)

  1. loop(j) from current_pos to current_pos+max_dis and while j <= 100
    Mark the vis[j] = 1
  2. loop(j) from current_pos to current_pos-max_dis and while j >= 0
    Mark the vis[j] = 1

Loop over your vis array and count those positions which are 0. This is your final answer.

Here is my Solution : Link