Copied Problems in ByteCode



Solutions were easily available on the Blog.


Those were the easiest 2 problems. I mean, easier problems do have this thing. Plus, the contest is long over. So I am not sure what we can do. So…what according to you we should do?

I left the contest the momemt I saw questions are copied. Because of the policy of codechef to cancel the contest in which questions are copied. I read only 2 questions. May be others are copied too.

I was waiting the cancellation announcement. When I didn’t see it, I posted it myself.

We cannot cancel if we dont know :frowning: . This is a part where the users can valuably help @admin . Its tedious to search problems for every scheduled contest and keep a track of them for a single person (while doing his normal work as well). Next time onwards, please report it immediately, either here, or to me on mail, or to codechef on mail- whichever fits you :slight_smile:

So this means nothing will be done ?

I got in touch with @admin. She said she will reprimand the organizers of the contest.

On a personal note though- such things - reported earlier, result the merrier :slight_smile:

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