Copied problem in COOK89


The third problem of December Cook Off “Minimum Subarray” is same as a problem on uva online judge which can be referred here. Also, the solution for this problem is mentioned in the comments of this CF post comments. Solution link. I ran it after the contest and here’s the same solution verdict.

Hope this won’t be the case in future.

PS: I waited for the contest end to post this, for obvious reasons.


I also once reported a copied question of November Long Challenge, but no action was taken for that.

@meooow has reported this to @admin , and they are following the case. Thank you.

(PS: ty for solution. Had trouble understanding editorial- will look over those :stuck_out_tongue: )

I just hope this is not the case this time. @vatsalsura

This copying could never ever be acceptable.

PS: The solution is easy, though a bit tricky. No problem @vijju123.

@taran_1407 why didn’t you take part in the contest?

@taran_1407 : Janta jawab chahti hai. Lol popular guy :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was away from my laptop :D.

I am gonna solve this problem set soon. (Won’t be posting editorials as @likecs editorials are usually very clear and always on time).

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This shouldn’t happen in a standard contest like “Cook-Off”. :frowning:

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So is it gonna be an unrated contest??@vijju123

Thanks for your mock appreciation @vijju123

PS: I’m not “Popular guy”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cannot comment on contest being rated or unrated right now. If you’d have mailed this during contest, then immediate action was assured. Perhaps the contest would have been declared unrated depending on the time. As of now, I cannot say/predict anything before @admin gives her verdict.

Mock Appreciation?No! I meant it.

On one hand theres a poor,cute, innocent sick guy whose been at forums for eons and eons and no1 gives a fuck about him. On other hand there are an indefinite number of people keeping track on what contests you give, what problems you solve &etc. Whose the popular guy then? :stuck_out_tongue:

@taran_1407 that gfg solution will not work for d less than 0.I tried a similar solution to that at first,but got wa.Reason:lets say indexes 0-4 is one solution,so it’ll increase 0 to 1 ,so we’ll check 1-4,2-4…,bt this method would never check for 1-2 in this case

What we went through during icpc was that less that codechef has stooped so low TO hell with codechef

I mailed about the problem during the contest, but mentioned link of only geeksforgeeks article.

Hopefully this contest is unrated.

PS: Very cute and innocent guy forgot moderator word. And please!!, only a few people must be seeing my submissions (I’m grateful)

I too tried the java version of given solution and got WA, but thought that only java version gives WA. I guess i should remove that link from post.

Yes, @taran_1407 it is a problem from uva online judge and some users have copied the solution from different sources, the one you mentioned here and the other one is here.
Some of the copied solutions of the users are:


I think this kind of behaviour and cheating should not be tolerated. @admin @vijju123 please look into the issue and make the contest unrated. I hope this would not happen in future.


Thanks for finding out submissions.

I hope admin takes an action regarding this.

I too hope future contest don’t have such problems.

Agreed @rohit_0801

Yes, @admin please take an immediate action against this.