@admin I was wondering adding rank names like newbie, specialist, pupil etc like they have at codeforces for defined range of rating…

if codechef can also do something like that then it would add to already exciting star studded system…

if u all think that it will be a good idea… then support it !!


i am agree with u,but codechef must also provide video editorials of long,short and lunchtime so beginners can learn and must include practice questions in ur rank(newbie etc)

edit-Some Peoples are only here to downvote every average coder…such a poor politics

what irrelevant? i am talking about porn? huh,seprate section must be thier which shows how much u did practice,huh

the question was meant to be for a feature request…

not for editorial query… u can ask this question for editorials particularly on discussion forum if u wish… i am sure people out there will come up with some suggestions @vivek96.

u can also see video tutorials made by @gkcs if u want some editorials…

he is already into this nice initiative and you can support him.

but this is the not right way to downvote someone!,i agree with vaibhav go to this channel for some video editorials…

N leave this matter of downvote… be happy yrr… focus more on improving your coding skills. Chill !!

thanks man! @vaibhavkaushik


but no tutorials for march long by @gkcs

he has started doing this… u can personally comment on his videos for any help… i am sure he will do it !

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thanks for such a great channel


Dear, while I am honestly flattered by the last line, being top contributor for this month by no means give me right to accept such privileges which you’re so generously showering upon me. :slight_smile:

I mean, there are MANY people who are WAY better than me, and from whom I personally learn a LOT daily. And being top contributor gives no “weightage” to my views.

On topic, I think its a good “add-on” or “additional feature”. I see it a lot on other discussion forums, and I think you must have probably got the idea from that. My stand on it is, “Why not?”. I mean, if admins can spare some time to work on this, it would be great.(Note- I said “if they can spare some time” because trust me when I say this, they are really busy in implementing “future-features” they announced or had in plan. So we must respect their time constraints too.)

If you feel that it would be a good addition to star thing, mail it to to make sure its seen as soon as possible. (Also suggest to add title of moderator/admin (for all admins here.) from my side :stuck_out_tongue: ). I would do the same. :slight_smile:

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haha !!.. yep right… what i thought was bringing this to your notice can help this post reach larger audience… bt i think it’s nt like that how it goes…

N ya u are right with time sparing thing coz they r really busy… i will make efforts from my side if this could reach them…

Anyways thanku for finding time to leave a reply…

me still a newbie here on dicussion forum… learning fast how stuff works…
lolzz !!

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I thought was bringing this to your notice can help this post reach larger audience”…Lol. XD. I am just a normal user here, like you. If my opinion is standing alone, then its useless. I need help of community :).

me still a newbie here on dicussion forum… learning fast how stuff works” …Yes. My gut feeling says you’d get adjusted and start contributing full-fledgedly here within a week

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