COOK59 (June Cook-Off) - ANKPAREN

ANKPAREN had buggy input and ratings were (apparently) calculated without any corrections in input and rejudge.

This solution is still giving me NZEC.
This solution is giving AC.

You can see only difference between 2 solutions is input. Except 3 lines which deal with input, both the solutions are exactly same.

CodeChef admins, please look into this matter.

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I think they havent rejudjed the problem, the leaderboard remains same,

Same here, my solution is still marked as wrong even though the solution is correct based on the input given in the sample. The admins said they will look into the matter but the ratings have been updated without any response on the issue.

Hey Vamsi, Thanks for bringing it to our notice. The issue has been reported to the problem setting panel and suitable action will be taken once we have a reply from their side.

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Hi All,

It was due to a miscommunication between us. We will rejudge the problem again. We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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Are you still planning to rejudge the problem? Are you planning to do it before COOK60?

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@luc4sdreyer: The issue was corrected and a rejudge was made. Is there still a problem, please feel free to contact

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@dpraveen: Thanks, I see the problem was rejudged but the ranklist was not updated. I’ll email

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