Contest like TopCoder SRM

Why can’t we start small 2 hour contest like TopCoder SRM (exactly not SRM but similar to that ) ? I mean like coding phase,challenge phase and finally system testing phase.I think we can improve a lot with these contests because we may analyse questions clearly,think of some corner cases ( because this may help in challenge phase) and also improve speed!.


every platform has some specific type of contests…if every one starts organising same type of contests
then what will be the difference between codechef ,topcoder and codeforces…btw tocoder organises 3-4 SRM
every month isnt it enough

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Yes you are right but actually my intention is to include ‘challenge phase’ and I guess many people were familiar about Codechef than topcoder right ?

No, many more people are familiar with TC than Codechef.