Confusion in team selection for ACM ICPC INDIA prelims

Can a member be a part of two different teams? Like Team1: x,y,“ME” and Team2: v,w,“ME” . How will i participate from both the teams at the same time as the online prelims for all the 4 sites are on the same date? Is there a rule that i have to participate in only one team on all the 4 sites .

my baylor site status is pending even after completing all the registration process. but my coach is registered through a “non official” email id. Does that cause a problem??
If so how should I proceed.
I have registered in amritapuri and kharaghpur regionals

Hey shubham190496, Now with one online round, it will not be possible for one guy to be a member of different teams. So, you need to register the same team for the two sites that you are planning to take part in.

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Hey kush2327, You need to get in touch with the respective site director regarding this and inform them well in advance to avoid any problem.