Confusion in Given Timing Constrains.

Problem(July Long Challenge): Pishty and Tree

I have confusion regarding Timing Constraints given in Problem.

–>On Problem page time limit is 1.5 secs.

–>Here is my Result stats.

–>SubTask 1, 2 ==> AC (Time < 1s)

–>SubTask3–Task#4==>AC(Time==2.670000 s)

–>SubTask3–Task#5==>TLE(Time==3.010000 s)

Please Clear the doubts ASAP.

Q1]. If Time Limit is 1.5s then why Task#4 get AC??

Q2]. Does above question implies that time limit is > 1.5?? If yes then how much?

Q3]. Is it because of different languages?? (I use JAVA)

Different languages have different time limits. Java and Python have higher limits. They get normalized in the end.

JAVA is approximately 2 times slower than C++. The same code which works in C++for 1.5s will take 3s in JAVA. The time limit given in problem page is for C++, and suitable multipliers are used to normalize it in the end.


The time limit multipliers for each language can be found here.