Confused Which language to choose in Competetive Programming.

Hi Guys,

There is one doubt I want to ask which has frustrated me a lot for some time.

I am comfortable in javascript as I have more than 2 years of experience in javascript / Node.Js but as I have some interest in competetive programming also. Is it better way to implement the data structure and algorithm problems in javascript or should I choose java or c++ ?

C++ is way to go.

I dont know how javascript can be used for competetive. Thats for development. C++ is a better bet to learn the basics and get real good in the field.

I would say JavaScript is a bad choice of weapon for competitive programming. Good options include C++, Java and Python.
You’d find adapting to C++ and Java much easier compared to Python if you have good experience in JS. Otherwise, python is also a very good option because of its simplicity and libraries but has some drawbacks like the language has higher computing time which causes problems on contests on

JavaScript is not accepted in all competitive programming competitions. That means you need to switch the language you use.

And C++ is the best choice for it.
Why ?
Let me help you :

  1. C++ is faster than Java and Python.

  2. Has STL (Standard template library) which makes the task much easier by providing the implementation of all the required data structures and algorithms.

  3. Includes both C and C++ standard libraries.

  4. Big Heaps of tutorials available for learning C++.

Why not ?

  1. It doesn’t have Big Integer Library like java
    (But that won’t be a problem because it is too rare to find problems including big integers in any competition.)

Hi which language as a weapon do i choose between java and c++ as a for competitive programing. As these days we basically have to work on java and Java is more popular in development

If you’re interested in creating high performance games , operating systems, applications for PC then C++ is the best choice.

But if you’re interested in Android development choose Java.

Just remember I will recommend C++ over Java for competitive programming because of its closeness to hardware, thus providing speed. Also C++ STL will help you in competitive programming a lot.