Concatenation of Strings C++

I recently came to know that the operator+ is overloaded in c++ to concatenate two strings but it is highly inefficient(Complexity: linear in terms of resulting string). I searched about it but could only found either the use of Ropes or operator +=. Is there any other way of joining two strings efficiently in C++ other than these 2?

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I am not very proficient in C++ , but I know that in C++ , strings are basically character arrays , thus when concatenating , all the characters of the second string would have to be copied over , making it O(N)

To make it O(1) , for storing strings simply use a linked list of characters and maintain variables for the start and end node of each linked list.

When concatenating , just join the start node of second string to the end node of first string , and call it a new string

I don’t know whether there is any library that has this implemented, although it should be pretty easy to implement by hand too

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your idea is good but there exists a ds called ropes which also do string concatenation very fast and there is internal library implementing that i was just refraining from studying ropes hoping that may be there is some other way to :slight_smile:

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