Computer Scientist Vs Computer Programmer

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What is difference between Computer Scientist and Computer Programmer??

Computer scientists are the guys who invent algorithms, data structures and other theorehical stuff, and Computer programmers are the guys who write code every day and they don’t even know what is interval tree.

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A computer scientist is someone who studies a lot of algorithms, and i mean, A LOT. Computer scientists are the one responsible for solving a problem and creating an algorithm that would make everyone happy. They should have great critical thinking skills as they would need it in their jobs anyway. They are the one writing pseudocodes and programming is just at the latter part. Anyhow, when you are confident with your pseudocodes, programming will be easy for you, all you need to do is learn programming languages.
The field of computer science branches out to many different fields such as computer design and development, databases, computer security, or computer languages just to name a few. Therefore it would wise to focus on a one or maybe a few more if they interest you.

Meanwhile, a computer programmer is someone who writes computer programs. When they solve problems they usually rely on the algorithms and theories made by computer scientists. They write executable programs to answer problems with ease. Computer programmers should also have critical thinking skills in order to think what algorithm would most suit a problem. Mainly, they do coding everyday. Learning to be a computer programmer would round about the study of utilization of computers and computer software to plan, install, customize, operate, manage, administer and maintain information technology infrastructure.

If you are anxious about your future jobs, I can identify a few jobs you can land if you pursue any one of those two.

One who studied computer science would likely to end up in a job where he is a:
Applications Developer, Computer Science Instructor, Database Programmer/Designer, Information Security Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, Researcher, Systems Developer, and Systems Analyst.

One who studied to be a computer programmer would likely to end up in a job where he is a:
Applications Developer, Database Administrator, Entrepreneur in IT Industry, Information Security Administrator, Information Technology Instructor, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Systems Analyst, Technical Support Specialist, Test Engineer, Web Administrator/Web Master and Web Developer.