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Whenever I click on submit in a practice problem, a box pops up saying complete your registration and asks for my city, state and country. The problem is, while I can enter text in the city field, I can’t do so in the state and country field, as it won’t let me enter anything. I tried going to my account page and entering information, but the same problem occurs there. I have been a member for a year and have submitted many solutions in the practice section, and this has never happened before today.

Hanit Banga

Never mind, solved it. The problem was, I had to first choose from a list of cities, and due to chrome’s autofill, the selection box was being hidden.

I m still unable to fill it although I m using IE and it doesn’t have any auto-fill data. Please Help!

Try downloading latest browsers, as most of websites are not compatible with IE these days.
Use this link :

Moreover, if you still wish to use IE only, try getting in touch with Codechef Team, by sending email to

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How do I ask a question here ? I just created my account and my karma is not enough to ask one.

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I’m using Firefox and having this problem. Anyone else find a solution?