Compilers and Parsers ... need the worst testcase

i am getting wrong answer after submitting but it works perfectly on my compiler

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No one here is going to answer your questions related to ongoing contest so read this and try to figure it out by taking help from this->

Q> Why I am getting WA on codechef?

A> This is a common problem if you’re a beginner (or even if you’re new to the particular category of the problem).

The problem with example cases is that, we will be really tempted to model our algorithm that fits the sample case(s). This misleads us quite often by making us not notice the underlying logic in the question.
When your code fails a test case (or more than one case), go through your code and fix it without thinking about the test case it failed but the type of values in the test case. Also, after reading the problem statement spend a few minutes to prove your solution before you code it.

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you have to think more on it bcoz coding is all about grapsing things as quickly as u can

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I have the same problem, but mine is more related to understanding the problem itself. Posted on the problem page, but no answers yet :frowning:

what will be the output for this
<><<<<<<<<<> ?