compile time problem

Is dere any diff b/w programming in a gcc nd dev c++ compiler in c language ?

Firstly ,

Dev Cplus plus is not a compiler.

Dev-C++ is an IDE -integrated development environment that uses GCC as its compiler . So ,programming in gcc and Dev-C++ wont be different.

There are several Versions of gcc.The different Versions of gcc are not exactly the same.

If you have ever encountered the difference ,between the two of them ,then ,the reason could be the different version of gcc -used by you and the gcc -used by your IDE Dev-C++.

Also Note ,for C/C++ Language ,the IDE used by Codechef is infact Dev-C++.


thanx …but wanna knw the problem in the codme ee i submitted for the problem of elephant and candies…it was compiled successfully on dev c++ …but codechef shows compile time error …

you are getting WA, read more here -