Compile And Test Feature In Codechef..!!

I think that before submitting a problem there should be a option of “COMPILE AND TEST” in Codechef.

Hackerearth and geeksforgeeks also have this feature.

Yeah, codeforces and kattis also

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Not actually practically feasible if you think again.

  1. We already have an IDE for that - hence the gain of efforts gone in implementing it is negligible

2)More importantly, we already suffer with high queue times during contest. As a result, this compile and test feature will also mean that the contestant needs to wait for ~2-3 minute (in good cases) for verdict. Try using codechef IDE at first 30-80min of contest, you will get what I am saying.

@spp_ you can open and read a question from codechef ide itself, and from there you can submit your solution also, so what you are asking for is already there.