compilation error...???

hey guys i am gettin compilation error for this problem my code that got compilation error(see this) ideone link of same code see this too :smiley: …is there anything new with the codechef compilers that i dont know…???

C++14 has various new things to be noticed, like gets doesn’t work in that version. What compilation error you are getting? Your ideone link is in C++14 and there are some issues with stdio library functions in C++14(I am not aware of that correctly right now).

You have submitted in C++ 4.9.2 and haven’t use the header library for getchar_unlocked(). Include stdio for that and it’ll work!!

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this one

See the above edit and try submitting again

thanks a lot…usually i use <bits/stdc++.h> thats why i dont care about these stuff…thanks once again :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

got it… :slight_smile:

Happy to help :), Although I am now trying reading about the problem of stdio in c++14, Usually even m facing the same problem for getchar_unlocked() and gets() function. There must be something then behind the bars… :stuck_out_tongue:

this thread was posted yesterday morning link text maybe you get something from this…