compilation error main()

With a C program I am also getting the compilation error complaining about main() today.

I then submitted the same program I submitted two days ago on a different problem, which compiled correctly then but failed on time-out. This time the program that had compiled correctly before failed with this same compile-time error.

I think there must be something wrong with the C environment there.

Additional info: The error occurs when I submit it as a file.
If I paste the program into the window instead, it compiles as usual.
This is new behavior: I had been submitting it with the button.

Check this out…

r3gz3p - as you’ll see from my initial message, after I got the errors I submitted one that had compiled two days earlier, and this time its compilation failed.

As you’ll see from my second message, if I copy and paste it into the window rather than using the “upload file” button, it compiles correctly - hence there’s no problem with my main().

That means the “upload file” button isn’t working.

I am having the same problem compiling in C++. the upload button isn’t working correctly.
the code is compiling successfully on ideone

the “upload file” button is causing blank files to be uploaded.

this can be browser specific, what browser are you using?

am using chrome. i submitted that same sol.(was accepted) by pasting it instead of uploading file.
but, if i open files in “my submission” which gave compilation error I see blank sols.

I wanted to try in practice, but getting “You are not authorized to access this page.”, probably CodeChef team is fixing it…

I tried now and it seems that upload button is working fine in practice section, can you retest?