Competitive Programming or Open Source Development: Which one to choose? [Article Discussion]


Check out this article on [Competitive Programming or Open Source Development: Which one to choose.][1]

This article describes in-depth information about the both. I realized competitive programming is not for me and I moved to Open Source Development.

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Later, I got internship offer Slack (and full-time offer), I also interned at Directi (twice).

Friends, don’t do CP if you don’t love it. Many people have this myth that CP will get you a great job. Whatever you are doing, you will need something to show on paper. If you are doing Competitive programming, try your best to be on top so that you can get recognized by the companies.

Read and decide what works for you. I open to discussing everything.


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@vicky002 Sir, Don’t take it as an offense but i felt you were a little biased towards Open Source in your articles. I respect your point of view undoubtedly but you said try it for one month and you will know whether you like it or not. It is about learning something everyday(indeed Open source is too). 1 month I guess is not sufficient to judge us and the thing about liking it or not , i tell in my case when i do some questions unexpectedly it is like the best investment of my time (i feel so) and when i am not able to i feel low sometimes. So, where is that time period when i should say to myself, no you don’t love it.

Again with due respect, it was my point of view and i will definitely try it someday taking your words.
Also thank you for your guidance on github, I was looking for it.:slight_smile:

@vishesh_345, Thanks for putting on your views on this.

I said that duration only because if you do not really love doing competitive programming. Try Open Source or any software development for a month and then see if you like it. I will still think more about your point and make corrections if you required.

~ Vikesh

In my opinion competitive programming and open source development are very different terms, thus choosing might differ from person to person. Competitive programming is useful during the job interviews. One can develop problem solving skills. Where as open source development is primarily developing ones software engineering skills. Where one would come across the terms like code review, bug trackers and so on. Thus saying which is better is a little problematic as it would vary.