Competitive Programming not for me??

I started on Code Chef 7 months back and still I am only able to solve only 3-4 questions in long challenges. Does that mean I will not be able to improve significantly here? Should I switch to some other field?
I am in third year doing B.Tech in computer science. If I can improve how to do so? Please help!!

Okay! I don’t think I’m qualified to answer this. But these are my thoughts.

It’s not wrong that you’re only able to solve 3-4 problems. But it matters when you learn to solve the rest of the problems. Upsolving is the most important phase.

I’ve done it wrong before.
For example in my case I actually don’t know that there’s a function next_permutation(). I’ve learnt it by upsolving, That helped me in my recent contest with GOODPERM. That’s one of the things that happened with me.

Short Contests make you a better competitive programmer, Long challenges make you better at your research and implementation.