Competitive Programming in Java - Video Series

Hi everyone. In the past year, I have benefited immensely from codechef: The kind of talent on display here combined with fantastic problems is something I look forward to every month.

Although there are far better programmers than me, I have taken the liberty of starting a video series on good coding practices for competitive programming.

Most of the series is based on my experience and observations of fellow programmers. I see lots of scope for improvement in this community, and would love to hear your feedback. Here is the intro video:

Competitive Programming in Java

Although the examples are in java, the series is generic enough to apply to competitive programmers at large. Looking forward to hear from all the smart people at codechef.

Happy Coding :slight_smile:


Just saw the lectures, awesome work. :smiley:

Can you pls take a lecture on optimisation techniques?


That’s really a great initiative…Wanted to know if you’ll be solving specific programming problems(like providing editorial kind of thing) or it will be general lectures about programming in java?

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Hi Harry. I am planning on talking about general java concepts useful in contests. But some of the videos will contain sample problems.

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Hey plz post some lectures on how to use big integers in java in your competitive programming in java tutorial

@gkcs You Sir deserve more up-votes! It will be very useful initiative especially for the beginners. Usually many beginners find it tough to solve a coding problem and eventually they leave it. Your video tutorials will encourage them tremendously.

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Thanks Aakash. The tutorials are coming to shape and I will keep that in mind. (y)

Hi Sumit. Will definitely look into it.

Thanks saphira. The first video has some discussion on optimization techniques. If you want a more detailed approach, I could suggest some material. :slight_smile:

Hi, brilliant work! Please explain dynamic programming in one video, with a few examples preferably.


Hi Rishabh. Thank you so much :smiley:

I could look into a video on DP, but I would prefer to have that in another video series. This one is more focused on how to solve problems faster.

Can u provide the transcript of this video

Hi Harish. Do you need the transcript because the words are unclear in the video?

A very great work man… I just saw few and became a fan of yours…

Very helpful especially for beginners in JAVA

Way to go man … a lot to be done and waiting for your more future work and help :slight_smile:

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Added the transcript. :slight_smile:

No problem. Found material for DP online. :slight_smile:

Good job dude, subscribed.

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I am a newbie to programming in Java and in general. I was wondering if there are any websites out there who provide people with unlimited question asking options. I attempt to ask a question a few hours ago. I was told I did not posses “karma points.” Please assist me in using this website (preffered) or in finding another appropriate website for what I am looking for. Any help anyone could be would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Reed P. Wyatt

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Hi reedwyatt25.

You need a minimum of 3 points to ask questions on codechef. The reasoning behind this is: (1) avoid spam questions (2) Get people to check if their questions have already been asked before they post.

I have upvoted your answer, so you should be able to post questions now.

Hey Gaurav,
I went through a couple of tutorials. They’re well prepared and I ended up learning a couple of things which i would’ve never known otherwise. I have a small suggestion though.

I noticed you used a couple of handy shortcuts in Intellij. One of them was changing all variable names when you change one, The ‘Extract Method’ Window etc. I really feel you should mention these shortcuts and hacks as well.

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