Competitive Programming Classes

Hey all,

Recently, I’ve been hearing of a lot of people on discord and other places asking for competitive programming tutoring classes.

A couple of friends and I are creating a platform to start some online CP classes. These classes would be geared towards people who are rated less than 1600 on Codeforces (the material will be near USACO gold level for comparison), and will be very affordable in terms of price (~10-15 dollars/hr).

Each class will be 1 hour long, and each session on the platform will contain 10 classes (so, signing up for a session will cost around 100 — 150 dollars for 10 hours). Participants will be also be provided lecture notes and homework problems. The class structure is very simple. Participants will be able to join a moderated chat room with a teacher and teaching assistant (of course, there will be multiple students in each class). The teacher will teach the material and answer questions that many members of the class are confused about. Individual questions will be handled by the TA, who will create a private room with the student to answer the specific question. All teachers will be rated highly on Codeforces (1900+) or be USACO campers.

Whether you are rated 1100 or 1500, our program will still help improve your programming skills. Though we will start off by discussing the basic concepts at the beginning of class, we will move on to applying those concepts to difficult problems, which is the crux of competitive programming.

Right now, we are attempting to gauge interest in our program. If you think you’d be interested in these online classes, please fill out the typeform here.

Note: filling out the typeform is not a committment. We’re simply trying to judge how many people would consider taking our classes.

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