Competitive Programming and Web development

Hi I am in a great confusion. Can you guys help me out?

I am a CS major and likes to build web applications. So in short I like web development.

Then I heard about competitive programming and from the last 2-3 months I am actively participating in it on different websites. And I can’t stop doing it now because I am very much addicted to it.

So I want to continue both and both needs time as there is no end to both of them. So I am not able manage these two things simultaneously. So how to manage these two or is it good to continue both ?


My advise is that you should practice or work on the sites like Codechef to excel your programming skills and that will help you in competitive programming. You can also participate in the Competitions going on at Codechef. Happy Programming!

Sir i m also confused plz help me out :wink:

Let me tell you, "It’s your time,your decision".

It’s good you like competitive programming, but this doesn’t mean you should leave web development part. Don’t drop the skill presently in your hand,instead use the skills gained by competitive programming and try to build some awesome web-app.
Also you like building web-apps too .
I would strongly recommend to pursue both simultaneously

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

asif you said its correct competitive programming, is the good thinks and more future on it, but dint leave web development actually web development have high resources available so keep both that will help you in futire, actually one of my friend doing web design company in qatar so they need more resources in that fields any all the best for your future

You can start with web development. But I would suggest you to gain knowledge on website design too. My friend started with website development, learned a few design basics and now successfully running a website design agency in Dubai. You can do the same. Start with web development and add some design in it.