competitive coding V/S placement

competitive coding V/S placement
hi,i am an engg student of IT branch currently i am in third sem.
my question is how much coding should you know?
is there something like if you are good at these things then you are ok,the rest(placement) will depend upon your skills in the development you choose.

in my opinion competitive programming is a must have thing in one’s life if he want to go in IT sector.

as all the companies have a trend to recruit newcomers/freshman.

first they take aptitude and coding round

secondly they take technical round

and finally their is an HR round

so if you are good in competitive programming then you can clear coding round and most of technical round with ease.

hope you are satisfied

happy coding : )


Competitive Programming and Placement go hand in hand! If you want to prepare for a product based company then Competitive programming is a must to do. If you are preparing for service based company,it will be better to focus on OOPS,aptitude + a bit of competitive as well.I mean they wont ask you segment tree if you are sitting for a service based company but obviously its a plus point.After doing competitive,you will feel much more confident for coding questions and interviews.So,choose the topics wisely according to the company you are preparing for.Rest all is about interest :slight_smile:

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There is no hard and fast rule to decide which is most important but campus placement have different scenario:

1.If you are very good at competitive programming then you have very good chances for getting selected in your placement even if you don’t have any development related project.

2.If you have good development background then you should just have a basic level of competitive programming to clear the coding round for interviews.

3.If you are average in both of these fields then your placement will depend on various other factors(academic performance,communication skills etc).

4.It also depend the company you are applying for.Some companies look for best competitive coders whereas some companies look for student with good projects.

So,choose any one of them based on your interest and give your 100 percent and manage decent academic and project work.
hope it helps!

Many companies do not take coding round after aptitude. Which companies are you talking about. Be specific.