Common codechef this is not done!!

This once i got a good rank in cook-off and you denied to rate it. You could have done ACM-ICPC selections in the upcoming cook-offs(as u said) but atleast rate the contest. I totally understand loss of some guys/girls but not rating the contest is not done!! I really work hard to improve my skills(rating is the only way to know your level and i’m way down the road). So even minor change affects the attitude towards coding which is very important. I dont know about others but I seriously feel good when I see improvement in myself. I request u to rate the contest and leave ACM-ICPC selections for future(which i feel quite logical).


I totally agree with you…Everyone tried their best to open the site and some succeeded with positive result…I know that was frustrating, but this is much more than that…UNRATED CONTEST…For the first time I got a good rank(though it doesn’t matter when you are here to learn something)…But that motivates you a lot…I wish the contest was rated…!!


I totally agree with you, but it would be unfair to those poor fellows who couldn’t even got to see the problem early due to technical errors with the site, so it’s better to not to rate it for the fair play to be present…

but you can see your own individual rank of the August COOK-OFF being high and improved from previous that is also some kind of motivating and inspiring for future contests. :slight_smile:


Instead of just agreeing , you can all just upvote the question so it is highlighted on the forum.

Did you get a good rank thanks to your skills or thanks to being lucky enough to not have to try for an hour just to submit (or even because a lot of people just gave up after not being able to see the problems)? The contest is unrated because the latter is too likely to be true in too many cases.


Everyone tried on their part, I was not on a special machine…I too faced the same problem…It was just that some kept trying and succeeded…call it luck or whatever…Let the contest be unrated…It doesn’t matter much as I said…I just expressed what I felt…!!

Equal conditions for all doesn’t imply equal undesired side effects for all and definitely isn’t a good condition for “should it be rated?”, or any contest in which ranks are chosen randomly should be rated as well.

@xellos0 Everybody faced the same problem and neither of us had magical powers to submit the answers(including you). I agree u had a huge loss(assuming u were to top the contest but didn’t) but there is no reason to be rude.


My performance this time was much much better than the previous short challenges. And it goes UNRATED. Seeing my rank increase motivates me a lot. :’( :’(

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If you made extra effort then it is good for you why are you bothering about rank it is important that how efficiently you can code no matter that whether you rated or not many more guys who have put more effort than you they are not claiming they why you. I think you should take care or your coding skills not your ratings and rating is not only criteria to know your coding skill


That should be the correct attitude! :slight_smile:

Your premise is false. I was able to submit (not without delays, but not severe ones; however, it seems other people weren’t so lucky = everybody didn’t face the same problems) and I did get 12th place, which is pretty high and something I’d be satisfied with. I can only gain by a rating update, yet I don’t find it right because it wouldn’t really be something I earned.

I didn’t particularly try to be rude (even though I’m really good at it), I’m simply direct. If you construe using corner case counterexamples as rudeness, whatever.


On the other hand, failure motivates me. Success just makes me lazy.