Colours in Codechef Profile?

I taught of this idea of introducing colours in codechef profile like Red , Yellow , green,blue as in Codeforces and Topcoder. This will intoduce more competition among coders.


yeah, i agree

I also agree with you, that it could be a good idea to do that.

The rating system in codechef is much different than that of codeforces(a stricter rating system).
So I believe introducing color ratings would screw up the entire process.
I mean there won’t be much fluctuations in color of a user profile on codechef as it happens in codeforces.
Just think about it.

Yeah i did keep that in mind before posting, codechef gives a cumulative average rating and in CF you are rated per contest , so yes there wouldnt be fluctuations , people at top tend to stay at top, but may be we counter that by giving some weightage to change in rankings from previous or getting colour ratings per contests.And Thanks for your opinion.