Color Rating Huge Bug on Codechef

I see that right now the ratings of March Lunchtime and April Long Challenge have been removed. My color is also showing purple right now. What’s happening??


I am affected by this too.
EDIT: The bug is fixed, but @admin can you tell us what happened?

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Yes. Same thing. My profile rating was 2111 after April long rating updates. Now, my profile rating shows 2143. But my color is purple and 4 star. @admin please look into the matter ASAP.

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I was literally SHOCKED when i saw it. I was like “WTF! Have they mistakenly penalised me for plagiarism or what? I wrote all codes on codechef ide with so much efforts and now…”

And yes, april long is removed. I think plagiarism issues are the cause.

Additionally, my profile shows me 3 star, but here i am 2 star!!

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Lol the star thing fixed itself.

Guys the issue is fixed! I am back with my ratings which were updated after april long. The color and star thing is also fixed!

Oh same here. I also thought that I am being penalised for no reason.