College wise Codechef ratings- please see this site

Guys please check out this awesome site. You can add your code chef username and it will display rankings of users from your college. Please add your college if it is not present and then add usernames from your college.

Please ensure your profile on code chef has your college name entered correctly otherwise username wont be added.

Enjoy the competition!!!


Thanks @kcahdog for sharing the link on Codechef discussion forum


very good initiative !!!..i think codechef should provide the link of the site on their main page as RANKING


nice job dude

For everyone who are unknown with the website till.

This site is an initiative to
increase number of active codechef
users from all the colleges in

The website contains all the codechef’s information of colleges added on it. Presently more than 120 colleges are already added.

The website has following main options as far as inter-college rankings are considered :

These features are provided to see how good your college mates are doing in recent comptetions :

Moreover, all users are given college rank according to it.
Also the site get it updated in every 5 minutes.

(Rankings are true and not just random displaying of data)

Except that soon College rankings will be made available too, but on what basis the college’s are to be ranked is not yet decided.

But preferably they will be ordered on basis of average user (those who were active in the comptetion only) submission in last month’s Long contest.

Also, you are not in the list yet, I would surely ask to give it a try once.

You can add your usernames, and also send college addition requests.

Everyone who have got their institute added successfully but either name or it’s logo is wrong then they can also tell us by filling report a bug form or contacting Facebok page.


Great initiative!!
College ranking will be a great add on to this site. as then we will be able to see which college is better than ours… ( might helpful during ACM-ICPC ) …
Great work mate … (Y)

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my college have not been added…what can i do to add my username at CODECHEF RANKING ?

@ashi200 Please go to the "add user " option and then use "add college " on the right side and then use the “add user” option

In each and every page a link is given for google doc form through which you can send college addition request. Also, you can send request by sending a message to the official page… :slight_smile:

How to add profile image of a particular college. Since, profile image of some college are missing.

I addded my college name but it is not added yet.What should I do ?

Please wait for some time.It takes some time to add the college. It will be done in a day or 2

Profile image can only be updated by admin(- @skbly7 ).You will have to contact him or wait for him to respond to this post

@sobhagya Corrected college image of “Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Delhi” seeing it from your codechef’s profile.

and also you can tell any time about any problem in future too, by filling “Report a bug” form/sending fb msg…


your request was complete today’s afternoon only. I think you did’nt check it, also after adding your college email was sent to you. :slight_smile:

@skbly okay

@skbly7 please add my college "Government College Of Engineering, Kannur ".

@shibinkv54 added successfully… :slight_smile:

@skbly7 thanx.

update the students rank list or else don’t post this…:P.