COJ Progressive Contest 2017

Hi guys,

There is COJ, an online judge in the Caribbean (that place of beautiful beaches and women lol) which is arriving to 7 year tomorrow!!! I´m not promoting the platform but if you feel fine in there you are also welcome of course. As any other online judge it has several opportunities to learn and share about competitive programming and algorithms.

My point is to share with you about a “Progressive” competition which COJ will be holding for almost two weeks; starting from tomorrow. I knows this is not a question, but also considering this is not a common programming competition (generally is celebrated once in a year) and it use a dynamic/scoring system not present in any other online judge i think it would be exciting for you to take part on it.

The problems will be divided by difficulty levels, and in the beginning you will only have access to the first level of problems. In order to gain access to the next level of problems, you must solve a specific number of problems from the current level. All problems will be provided in English; at least 30 problems in increasing complexity level. No partial grading such these used sometimes in Codechef; it is more like ACM-ICPC style but with progressive scoring system. The allowed programming languages are C, C++, C++11, C#, Java, Ruby, Pascal and Python. More information in the contest view page of COJ Progressive Contest 2017

Have a nice weekend day.
Best regards to all.

Update: contest is half of way… is being a good fight between top contestants…

The COJ Progressive Contest #11 - Standings


Hey thanks ! Appreciate the concern.

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Interesting, but I am having difficulty opening the webpage. Anyone else facing this?

Works fine for me.

Yes… seems to be fine at this moment… Good Luck.

No problem… hope you guys enjoy the competition. Almost starting.

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