cofounder for a start up

hi every one, i would like to have a co founder who is good in code,the aim is to start a start up at Y combinator,i am about to apply there and i would like to add one more person as a co founder and start a start up company.
i am not knowledgeable in code although i can learn . i would like to have a co founder faster other learning issues will go slowly.
i would prefer mostly who can code websites,mobile application and so forth. There is no doubt when we reach there the first thing we are going to do is to establish a website and that means my partner must have coding skill in creating website,
it might also require to write some application .

  will i get one a good programmer to become co founder together? Will i get talent enough to code or a good programmer?
 i will be waiting for a reply as i am about to submit an application form and i would like to add one more person and form a company together.


I’m not sure if this is spam or not, nontheless, I believe that you might be somewhat mistaken about what it takes to create a start-up (at least, you think differently than I do)…

The idea of start-ups is to provide a place, or a platform if you’d like to call it that, for people who are innovative and fresh out of universities to start their professional careers, right? I’m not sure if this is the actual definition, but this is what I think it is…

Well, to create a company, lots of different challenges will come up and most of them won’t be code related, but instead, management and/or bureaucracy related, which is a completely different topic and someone who is pro in “Law”, can’t be able to write an “Hello World” or vice-versa, so,this is something which requires very careful planning, even with the support of YC…

Things like the expected dimension of it, the field of work, the departments, the necessary professionals, it all takes time and money to get up and running and I am aware that that help would be given by YC, but, the way I see it, if you (a person with no coding experience) just want to get a co-founder which knows how to code, just to “create a start-up”, then, you have to excuse my words, you’re doing something wrong… Especially on the area of web development and mobile applications, where even private sector (basically, independent individuals which are great self-learners) is, in a sense, taking over the market right now…

Please do note that I’m not, in any way, trying to make you give up on your idea and I find it extremely brave and valuable from you that you are interested in creating a start-up right in the middle of the huge economical and political crysis that Europe and the world in general is going trough, but, if you want to make it BIG, or if you want to make it successful, maybe you need to think that you can’t “skip stages”, right?

Market trends are always changing, and this is even more true in our world (the IT and CS world), Java might be great to deploy applications today, but, who guarantees you that in 3/4 years, Java won’t be replaced with Go, rendering your Java skills basically useless? It’s a constantly changing world and the best way to keep up with the pace, is to first blend in the system… With this being said:

Learn a programming language well, get a minimum insight of algorithm design and analysis and start working (if you can) as an intern in some companies, even if small, you should get a better idea of how the trends are changing and how hierarchies and deadlines in projects work… Basically, you will get an idea of what it feels like to work in an IT environment… Only after you’ve understood the environment you want to “jump in” you might be able to start thinking on building a successful company/start-up (basically, every company starts as a start-up I guess).

Good luck,


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yeah you have said right but i think if we are afraid to start a start up company when shall we start if every one is afraid?
i think the best way to start is to start up and do whatever it is possible to make it succeed.
to make it more chance of succeed is to reduce the running cost by making the start up running as cheap as possible so that we can not run out of money.
Also it is necessary to be backed by investor money so as to be able to finance some projects and as well as to be even more sure we have enough fund available to last for the next 10 years under any economic situation.
Also start up can be built using customer feedback,As customer give feedback give you the chance to improve the quality of your product and if you reply in time give you the chance to maintain your customer and that is good for the start up.
The best way is to start it and commit to it.
i think in this site there are good programmers which can make website and mobile application.i think i can find one.
Can you direct to me one of them good enough so as to be a co founder?

contact me at skype :dhanraj.varshney
i am also seeking member for start up company.
i am also a good programmer.and so some freelancer work .

can you create dynamic website?
Can you create a website like that of PayPal?
can you create photo sharing website like that of instagram and Flickr?
can you create mobile application like that of wattsup?

This is not the proper place to discuss such things… You should exchange information and talk about it somewhere else… I’m really not trying to be rude but this is not a chat, such conversation should be held in private…

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@cooldhanraj I cannot say whether you should trust someone or not but please do take care.this most probably looks like spam to me. The account has been made for this specific purpose only.

app academy teaches people to learn for free. you just pay them after you get a job or after you have started a start up.
If there is any one interested to start a start up company or being employed but code seem a problem,i suggest we should apply to app academy. is the website for teaching people who would like to learn to code so that they can start their own tech start up or they can work in tech company