Coding Camp

Every year there is some coding camp being organised, I myself have attended one last year, but it is not possible for everyone to be there onsite. Instead, can’t the videos made public or link be given on request? I do think it will be helpful in increasing the overall output of the Indian Programmers. Given the “Go for Gold Initiative”, I don’t think it would be a big hassle to do so.


@uhateme I fully support you. The vidoes and tutorials should me made public in order to increase the number of good programmers in India

@uhateme and @anupam_datta I also support you guys. I think this must be done so that programmers residing in cities where competitive programming is not so popular benefit, as it is not always possible for them to travel out of station. I am sure this will help in producing many good programmers if they are given access to such wonderful lectures and tutorials.