CODEZILLA Hidden Solutions

Why the solutions of CODEZILLA contest are not visible to us @admin? Is it a private contest or there is any BUG in that page?


Probably a bug, but its hard to comment. The weird thing is, I am able to see solutions of “Chef and Beautiful Array” (And only that particular problem’s solution are visible) Check-Submissions

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I already know about that

@vijju123 Please tell me one thing that how could you manage to answer all queries? I mean you always remain at discussion session 24*7 hours. Have you not even sleep?

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@bansal1232 - With what tone are you asking that Q, may I ask?

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No tone! Just frankly asking the question and want some suggestion from yours

I answer questions just like you do dear, nothing different :slight_smile:

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The boy is on vacation may be . haha… Enjoy the time here @vijju123 :slight_smile:

Yes @admin, the solutions are till invisible , Kindly look into the matter as soon as possible. Thanks.

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Thanks for your kind wishes @pankajkhan. I am very well enjoying my little time here :slight_smile: