Codex 18.0

Can anyone please update the editorial of Codex 18.0 contest of 4th and 5th problem.

Thanks in advance

4th can be done using stars and bars, 5th largest area under a histogram.

I think codechef has added a feature for answering,maybe @abdullah768 u should u use that instead of comment section :slight_smile: XD

Could you elaborate more on 4th problem.

@abdullah768 I was approaching 5th question as largest area under histogram via segment tree. But I was unable to rectify that how to form parent node as we have to find minimum number of consecutive plates whose area is >=X.

Now comming to the 4th question I was stuck after I maintained an array 1-N which at ith index i stored how many k difference element can be chosen from there
Like for N=8 M=3 K=3
The array goes like :
5 4 3 2 1 0 0 0

Please help how to approach or is this a wrong way