CodeVaitam price distribution

Winners who are eligible for prices are:

(Indian winner)

  1. Ayush Agrawal (ayusha0711)
  2. Akul Sareen (akulsareen)
  3. Vivek Kishore (vivekmufc)
  4. Harsh Ranjan (subway)
  5. Tejesh (sganda)

(NIT Agartala winner)
6. Ravi Prakash Bhajpai (ravibajpai001)

1, 2, 6 are requested to give their bank a/c no. with details (phone no. and address). 3,4,5 are requested to provide us your phone no. and address (bank a/c no. for verification).

Mail us -

Ph no. - 8414978582
Last date is 18.02.2015 (20:00 HRS)