Coders to follow in Codeforces and codechef?

Who are some good coders with readable code for c++ coders in codeforces and codechef?

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You can follow codes written by top coders according to their ratings in Codechef …

Profile Link-


More such profiles …

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you can also see codeforces rating list and you will find that many great coders whose codes are readable

go to this link

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I find Um_nik’s codes are well indented and easily readable. He is a legendary grandmaster in codeforces and so reading his code can be very helpful.

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In codechef, I like the solutions and approaches to solve a problem by likecs very useful. In the short time that I have spent on codeforces, I have found tutorials from zscoder to be great. In my opinion, if you have spent a little time on competitive programming, you won’t have a problem understanding their codes.


Here is list of some of coders whose codes are just simple and elegant:

  1. rng_58

  2. matrix

  3. izrak

  4. Um_nik

  5. keyvankhademi

  6. sidhant

  7. satyaki3794

  8. VastoLorde95


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