CodeLive 2014- A contest of writing wrong codes

So, I was doing this [contest][11] called CodeLive.

  1. There is no information regarding who is organizing this contest. What is the prize money etc.
  2. This contest is about writing wrong codes. How? Test data is wrong, setters have assumed something and written codes. Now, we here have to predict what mistakes author might have done here and write wrong codes.
  3. This contests organizers, I think, want to create a record for writing most ambiguous questions in the world.
  4. Even if the questions were correct and non-ambiguous who gives such kind of easy/standard problems in a 12 hour contest.

Over and over again, such kind of contests bring the same question to my mind. “Why doesn’t codechef do a background check on the organisers?”
“What doesn’t codechef moderate what kind of contests are being organised on it’s platform?”
I certainly would love to hear from what CodeChef people have to say in regards to this?


In Full Agreement with you!
Stupid contest!
Such contests should be tested before letting them start! :-/
Total time waste!

Really, too bad. And there was a question which i worked in c++. When i got to submit it, found that only ADA and Assembler solutions would be accepted. Time Waste. :frowning:


I had the same situation. My code in C++ but they don’t accept it :frowning:
Waste of time !

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Also the examples are not clear enough and the output wanted is not the same in the specification and the example. For instance, check out the output for the Kings message problem!
I am done with this contest

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@darkshadows : Completely agree!

  • 8th problem, perhaps the most standard and easy as others, got 0 submissions cause of wrong test data.
  • In one of the problems it was mentioned to print both original and encrypted string but solution got ACed for only printing the later causing unnecessary penalties.
  • Use of unnecessary whitespaces in test data leading to RTE.
  • We were the people who need to decide the constraints.
  • People from their college solved 7 problems within an hour without any penalty :stuck_out_tongue:
  • And finally grand salute to the new comments moderation feature due to which many people would have got frustrated and irritated.

Got no reply even after mailing the guy for getting the problems resolved and also disclosing criteria of prize distribution :wink:


Even i have found the new comments moderation feature very irritating.The problem is if we dont get a response, there is no way to know whether it was because our query was incorrect or admin doesnt have time to respond. Look at COLARR in Jan long. Not a single comment. i am pretty sure it is because no admin has reviewed them. They should search for some other alternative.