Codechef WA/TLE test case display feature request

Like on codeforces, wouldn’t it be great to have an option to see for which test cases your code gets a WA/TLE on codechef practice section as well ?
Each person can debug his own code. They dont have to ask each time on the forum for some one else to look at their code and debug it which in itself is a very tedious task and hence many a times questions like those (WA in xyz qts) go unanswered. The learning process can be a lot faster - user doesnt have to wait for help unless he doesn’t understand the problem completely.

There are times when users use completely different/unique algorithms in contests and get WA. After the contest, they refer to the editorial only to find a different algorithm and eventually let go. In such situations, there might be cases when the user might just have missed one line of cases or may be some corner case. However in many cases, he never finds out what it was.

Now some might claim that this will make it easy to get AC in practice compared to contest problems. Well that is true but then why not just leave that choice to the individual user - if he thinks that this feature is not benefiting him - he can choose not to use it and solve problems traditionally.

Well these are just my thoughts - would like to know what you guys think. Peace :slight_smile:


I think this will be a good feature and benefits to a lot of users.

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Yeah it would be great to have this feature on codechef! :slight_smile:

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On hackerearth, we can also see on what percent of testcases our code is getting correct answer. I think codechef should also add this feature which will really be helpful.


Yup… Nice idea…@Gautam .

Thanks. Lets hope they consider it.

Yes it is nice idea. They can do it like hackerrank. They can use hackos or something alike , so that user thinks before seeing the test case. Even i faced the same problem, you dont get to know what case you were missing. It will be better than reading others code or editorial, at least we will see the boundary case and code it rather than reading it from an editorial.

I think that implementation of this thing is supported by Codechef’s backend as in Lunchtime contests, we can see the Testcase Number that we got correct / wrong. So, all they have to do is probably allow download of each testcase file.

Or, along with the editorials, all testcase data could be made available for download, as in the case of Yandex contests. Yandex provides testcase generators, validators, testcase files and solutions of tester and author in one compressed file.

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Yea I agree…it will help a lot.

The contests are designed to test your knowledge of algorithmic and data structure skills and how you come up with the solution. I do agree sometimes it is pretty difficult to find the corner cases but that teaches you to have patience and think from a different perspective ,this will be helpful in your professional career as then you will not have any one to show you the corner cases where you are failing. During the contests such cases cannot be shown (cases where your code is failing) but when the contests ends ,such cases can be provided to help programmers.