CodeChef submitted solutions

How to copy back the submitted solutions from CodeChef with proper indentation ?

Go to the problem and open My Submissions.You can copy the code and paste it into Notepad++. It retains the spaces. If that does not work, then on your submitted code you will see the rating and problem title. Below that you will see something like :

 CodeChef submission 3619668 (C++ 4.8.1) plaintext list. Status: AC, problem MIKE3, contest . By kcahdog (kcahdog), 2014-03-19 01:19:46.

Click on plaintext here. You can copy from here. P.S. I tried copying into notepad++ and it worked

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Plain text method works but notepad++ one fails. I searched and found that we need to install “UniversalIndentGUI” plugin. Then all we have to do is ctrl+alt+shift+j .