CodeChef should provide the failed test cases. It would really help the newcomers.

I have tried to solve questions but as i am new to coding,i don’t get to see why my code was wrong.
I run the given test cases before submission and check but then it becomes very difficult to understand what is wrong with code as i dont get to see the new test case.

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Yes, I think you are right @abhi9772

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Please see previous suggestion threads as such why this was rejected. This idea doesnt have much chances of being implemented.

Idea is good but going to the dark side of it when we know the input test cases many times we compromise with the solution in order to just fit for those test cases and leading to downgrade in the coding spirit and the second part it also enhances your learning and better alogo thinking skill when you start thinking about your code, Where it can go fishy and on which inputs? and this boost your coding skills. Ya it has a downside that it frustrates a coder not being able to identify what is going wrong while everything seems perfect in the code but believe me bro onces you be able to self identify the problem itself it will boost you up and if it is taking a lot of your valuable time then ask it on forum believe me we have a bunch of people like @vijju123, @spp___ who are good in rectifying problems as on my self experience with these peoples.

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