CodeChef should provide Real World Applications of Problems

I really appreciate Codechef for being one the best platform for practicing the problem solving skills and programming.

I just wanted Codechef to provide some relevance of problems with real world.

I accept that the Stories narrated in all the problems are actually interesting, but some practical applications of problems will be very helpful and informative.

There is no need, as this is trivial for you to look up on your own. For problems that you use a Max-Flow algorithm, Combinatorics, etc, simply go to wikipedia for practical applications. Not all problems have obvious application, and many are based upon a concept so simple it is used almost everywhere.

It is up to you to find more theoretical -> practical connections that may not be known. CodeChef has its scope of education and competition, which fuel us to become better at thinking. Then one day you will think of something no one else has, which could make you money, save lives, who knows.