Codechef rating system should be change?

Is it good to not participate further in short contest for sake of rating?
Today I lost 177 rating(i got 50 marks,wa by silly mistake in 1st),Is this fair if someone not participated in contest and someone who solved partially but he/she lost rating?

PS:I knew learning is our main motive

Please correct the grammar. I can’t understand the question properly.

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already corrected

Why is it unfair can u tell? If someone submitted a solution, that means he participated in the contest and should get the results accordingly.

but if someone got WA? even didnt able to solved partially? then? his/her rating shld be dropped?

Yes y not? The thing is that he participated in the contest or not? WA or AC in any problem doesn’t matter. And secondly u see any competitive programming website in the world, they also have the same thing.

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if you care about rating only do not participate in short contests in future. you take part only in long contests but do not raise something like rating system should change.


means the rating will be dropped? if someone not able to solve partially?

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Before participating in a short contest understand that you will be competing against people who have been doing this thing for the past 3-4 years(generally, some are doing it for more than 10. Petr Mitrchev also participates sometimes in CodeChef short contest and he has been doing this for more than 15 years.)

Having said that you will always be at disadvantage as far as rating system is concerned ,if you are a beginner or maybe at an intermediate level. You can only perform good in short contest if you have a idea of almost every standard trick and algorithm out there. Because the only thing that matters in a short contest is how fast you can code up the thing with the stuff you already know.

And like every other top competitive programmer says, Upsolving is very important. So keep participating and Upsolving.

You will get better in no time.

Happy Coding and don’t care about a rating drop here and there.!


“do not raise something like rating system should change” I disagree with that point because sometimes we can see a better rating system. For example, the previous rating system was not good so we had to demand for a better one.


If someone didnt participate in contest, we have no way to ascertain that if it was because he didnt knew any problem or if he was busy. The benefit of doubt is, and SHOULD be given to user and he should have his ratings safeguarded.

However, when you fail on a Q, or get WA/partially solved, your current position is known, you get a rank and ratings change accordingly. There is nothing unfair, the only positive thing to do is to analyze mistakes and get over it.


thanks for motivation…

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i agree with u,but i have small doubt that is the rating will be dropped? if someone not able to solve partially even

If you participate and submit the solution, you will be judged for the rating change.!


:slight_smile: Best of Luck.!