CodeChef rating distribution

Hello everyone,I just observed one thing in this user profile @rajat1603 there is no black arrow denoting the current rating.
Is this a bug or something else…please let me know if any of you noticed that.


Yes, I can’t see that black arrow on @rajat1603 profile, I am able to see that arrow on my as well as your profile.

Nice observing @adhish_kapoor please report this on

Black arrow is in every other profile but not in above mentioned profile

Perhaps the bug occurs because of a “<” and “<=” mix-up? One division is from 2300 to 2399 and the user’s rating is exactly 2399.
Also, if the rating is actually a float it may be something with the rounding.


@meooow this have some sense, it seems like a good reason.

btw, which is that black arrow ?

@ymondelo20 if you open your main profile you’ll see a black inverted triangle pointing to your current division in the “CodeChef Rating Distribution”. That’s what is missing in @rajat1603’s profile.

Ok, I was looking for some arrow … not a triangle.
Now is clear.

Hey, we will look into the issue and will fix it at the earliest. Thanks for bringing it to our notice.

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Also another issue/suggestion user @uwi 's ratings are 3006 but the other charts don’t show any one above 3000. May be because the charts are in logarithmic scale so it turns out to be zero but I would like you to make this visible as it is informative to to know that someone with >3000 ratings exist.

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Is this email working? I read in some previous post that it don´t work or don´t exist. Some user write about using instead of