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I am a new user here. In the rank and rating section, it reads, “Oops!! We didn’t find any country code for you.” What should be done ?

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You should click “Edit Profile” and choose the country you live in in the “What country do you live in?” category.

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I did that, in the profile it shows “INDIA”, bt in the rank section it still gives that message…

@achiever202 >> That is because you haven’t attended any contest(s) yet. APRIL13 being your first long contest, so after the contest gets over, you will see your rank right there on your profile page. Don’t worry! :slight_smile:


even now, theres no change ! :(:

Have a bit of patience :slight_smile:
It’ll most probably be updated within a day or 2.

:smiley: rating of no one has changed yet. please be patient!

I am also facing the same problem i took part in april challenge and yet even after the contest the same message is appearing in mine too please help me to figure it out .

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it’s because rating was NOT updated yet !

@betlista what do you mean by “WAS”?

Ok, maybe it’s not correct english grammar, correction - rating for April 2013 Challenge is NOT updated yet.

There seems to be a bug.In my profile, my Long Contest rating is 0 whereas the graph is showing the result till March.Is the update procedure going on currently?

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