CodeChef, please remove "There is nothing a Code can't do."

This video has been advertised for many months. At the very least, please give the users a setting to toggle its appearance. It is very annoying to always have to close the popup window.


If you stay sign or keep a bookmark then luckily you wont be seeing it…:slight_smile:

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Yeah it very annoying to see the similar pup up again and again another and the best way for codechef is to generate a 15 or 30 days cookies. So that only new visitors see this.


Even i wanted to post the same in forum :slight_smile:

I support removing it too. And where’s the guy who suggested adblock? I’d like to know how to block the entire


@tacoder install adblock on chrome,relogin into codechef and when video appears on page,right click anywhere on page(except video) and block it. it works on chrome (at least for me) :slight_smile:

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just press ESC key …

We had implemented a cookie which will only show this to a user once. However, if you clear your cache, or re-login from the same computer then it gets lost. We are looking into this and make sure that it does not bug existing users.


The funny thing about this video is that there are many things that a code can’t do (like decide if it would end in finite time), and it’s an interesting topic in informatics. Therefore, it’s sort of a false advertising (not really, just a joke): it’s used to lure people into doing something that should eventually result in them finding out that the reason they started is actually a lie :smiley:


@ravi0213, That worked for me. Thanks!