Codechef Long contest 2013 rating

i’ve participates in july 2013 long contest…but my rating hasn’t changed yet…showing an error has occured.unable to find ur country code…i m not able to understand what is happening…even i’ve properly mentioned my country name n address…can anybody tell me what’s wrong ???

@u1z9_3: Everything is fine, be patient. Once the rating is updated for the July long contest, your rating and country code will get updated too.

yep patient …be patient…dey are checking for duplicate codes…and cheating cases i believe…as soon as they are done rankings will gt updated…uzma :stuck_out_tongue: this is shashank :stuck_out_tongue:

ok shashank :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

relax, rating is taking some time . according to admin, rating will be updated today so don’t worry and be patient …

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