Codechef Ide

Is codechef ide private enough to run my contest codes, so that they are’nt leaked?

According to codechef their online IDE is safe enough because the code gets destroyed as soon as execution ends.

Apart from these features, one of the
most important issue that we hope this
will solve is the unintended cases of

It has been long, that after each
contest many of our users get blocked
and their ratings get reduced due to
the cheating cases. Most of the time,
we have realized that the problem was
of the code being left “Public”! So
here is a big relief for all those –
once you submit your code, it is
destroyed as soon as you get your
execution result! Yes we do not save
your code anywhere. In case you want
to save your code, just use the
download button to have a copy in your

This is quoted from the official codechef blog about this IDE, read it here.

You can also read the first introduction of this feature here and first discussion here.

For further information/concern/request/suggestions/feedback/bugs, you can directly reach @abhijeetpandey :diamonds::diamonds: (one of the persons behind this IDE ) at [email protected] or contact feedback@codechef.

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