Codechef IDE showing 'submission limit reached' ?

I always do code editing using the Codechef IDE. However, since a few days it keeps on showing an error ‘Submission Limit Reached’ and then the submit button becomes unresponsive for a few moments. When the button becomes active, then only after a few more attempts the solution is compiled and run. This makes the use of Codechef IDE very frustrating. What is the cause behind this?


I never faced this issue may be because I don’t use it much… But If you think it could be a possible bug then feel free to mail on I have heard they do not take much time to reply there… :slight_smile: Hope this will help.

yeah, I’ve also faced that issue. Frustration increases more when the contest is going on.

It happens in 3 cases-

  1. When there is a long queue of submission for judge, eg- during contest. Never use codechef IDE during shot contest, except to check for undefined behavior as it takes lot of time to give result.
  2. When there is slow/unstable net from your side. Other errors you may get are “Judge has some issue”.
  3. In rare cases, a genuine problem with judge.
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