Codechef IDE during INOI

Will the codechef ide be available during INOI?


I think it would be available. Because I’ve used it during ACM ICPC KOLKATA ONSITE MIRROR CONTEST 2016.

I think you should ask this question to the organizing committee. As internet access wasn’t available in INOI till last year. So since they have ported to codechef. Even if access is availible it will be restricted to the contest url(s) as allowing to the whole domain may lead to unfair means. Till last year what used to be done was that you were given questions and some input and output files offline and you were asked to submit source files through your centre at the end with name of the source files on your question paper. And finally they were evaluated by iarcs.

Should be available.

Yes, it will be! And STL docs will also be available. :slight_smile:

alt text

If there’s no scoreboard; what is the live feedback all about? Is it only WA or AC; or are they giving out the pretests the way they gave in ZCO?

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On the website of IARCS, it’s written :
“You will get feedback from live testdata during INOI. However, we will re-evaluate all submissions after INOI, possibly with additional testcases, so scores recorded during INOI are not final. A live scoreboard will not be available during INOI.”
I don’t know about the rest of the details so you may mail them accordingly if you want to know more.

Yes Codechef IDE will be available during INOI and STL pdf will be also provided.
The INOI will be held on codechef you can know more here.

All the best for INOI.

Anyways; do they judge by submission time or execution time in INOI?