Codechef IDE Bug

I very often get strange outputs when I use Codechef IDE for submission of my code for the problems.

Today I tried submitting DEC16 problem and I got this output

Strange output

And I even got TLE when it was an Theta(T) code. I submitted the same code by the Submit button on the problem and it was AC 0.00 secs

I get this type of output very often so it was not first time. @admin can you reply? :slight_smile:

PS:- No code is disclosed in my screenshot

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it is better to use own IDEs for easy debugging purposes.
PS: Please upvote this so that i can ask questions in the forum.


Actually this is not what I asked for.

@bradley It isn’t a bug, but the output you got is because you don’t give custom input and the local variables in the program got initialized to random or garbage values and as they may be large enough say of order of 10$^9$, which results in TLE. As per C99, if an object that has automatic storage duration is not initialized explicitly, its value is indeterminate.

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But if I do not give any custom input, the IDE takes the example test cases given in the problem statement

@bradley No, it doesn’t take test cases in the problem statement by default, you have to copy-paste those test cases in custom input.