Hi guys, i am practising codechef question and i got difficulty in choose practise problems,i try to solves recent questions first but i didn’t get any filter those sort according to date relevance so please give me any suggestion how to solve codechef recent questions…

What do you mean by recent Q? The Q asked in recent contests?? If thats the case, I will copy what i said in an earlier thread-

Remove the part "JUNE17" from the link to goto the practice location of the problem.


Contest link-

Practice link-

Notice that the difference is just that in practice link, we removed the part "/JUNE17

generally most of the coders practices according to topic wise,why do you want to practice recent question?

Very valid Q. Was wondering that myself :confused:


yaa!! u r right i m agree with ur point @vijju123

But my point is that codechef add some filter on the practice page so we practise problems according with date and recent contest problems

Why do you think it will be more useful?? I just wanna know your PoV :slight_smile:

generally when i solve problems in the contest and didn,t get AC or full points, then i think to solve the problems after the contest ends but after the contest end. Problems is that the question sort according with successful submissions and dissappear from the top page and it will left after sometime from my memory… so i think to solve the problems according to recent questions and it will also helpful to improve coding :slight_smile:

thanks @vijju123 & @hruday968 for reply immediately…

I see your PoV. But i have seen recent problems being at top of page (until you dont sort them acc to submission).

The first things codechef needs is a easy sorting of problems by topic (Not many know about tag feature…)

do u know about Codedrills it will show question, according to topics…

a2oj is pretty awesome it filters questions according do topic wise from different websites

yaa! But I will suggest to solve codedrills it will show us pie chart according to differnt areas of problems and it will shows our strong areas, weak areas and it will accept users from codechef, codeforce and spoj.

lmao,code-drills is good i agree with that.But it don’t give the perfect results among weak areas and strong areas.I am not that much good at but it shows that i am good at dp and once type tourist and see the results,according to code-drills world’s best coder tourist is weak at adhoc,hashing,greesy,binary search and strings.It just works according to the program written by humans(balaji ganapathi sir) and don’t expect perfect results.

:slight_smile: Ha-ha!!! ur comment gonna epic

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